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Welcome To Demotrans

The world of Demotrans is always open for you all. The entirety of the stakeholders creates the feeling of a single entity. Thence we offer the pragmatic comfort for the people of the business domain. The highest feasible version of freight forwarding invites you here. State-of-the-art services await you to entertain. And you can release your insomniac tensions relying on us. In fact, we love to take care of the customers.

Core Values and Vision

Demotrans visions to sustain as one of the leading logistics providers of the land, belonging to the nuclear valuestogether withits key strategic competitive advantages. These are people, bondage,safety, choice, brand, innovation, integration, infrastructure and environment. Details

Company Policies

Demotranshas the pleasure to introduce“Code of Functioning” (hereinafter called as ‘the CoF’) that elaborates the ethical issues.That employees prone to exhibit and fix a stance that is named aftermath is, the ethics of the organization. Demotranstends to.. Details


In pursuit of our vision, corporate strategies focus on breeding the superior returns for its stake holders calculated in terms of growth in revenue, returns on capital engaged. For that, Demotrans has already developed some strategic initiatives and has undertaken.. Details

Customs Clearance

Incomplete or wrong customs documentation can cause considerable delays in transportation, reducing supply chain and delivery reliability. To make faster and smooth value added service Demotrans started to provide customs clearance service for their customers. Details

In line with the dream of our Chairperson, Demotrans started as worldwide logistics service provider to make hope for cancer survivors. Since its inception, Demotrans has been endeavoring to become one of the leading specialist logistics and supply chain companies in Bangladesh. By the course of time and with the flow of business operations it has proved its existence domineering overthe competitive firms by and large through advancing in high quality client portfolio across a wider range of industrial sectors both in domestic and international arena. More...