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October 9, 2019

Company Policies

Code of Functioning
Demotrans has the pleasure to introduce“Code of Functioning” (hereinafter called as ‘the CoF’) that elaborates the ethical issues.That employees prone to exhibit and fix a stance that is named aftermath is, the ethics of the organization. Demotrans tends to revolutionize the spirit of ethical strength in business.Just trading, equal prospect, health and quarantine, safety and blossom, in conjunction with the environment, the CoF never excludes from its fortitude.

Gender-friendlyRecruitment and Diversity Policy
Demotrans accepts as true that a brilliant and sundry workforce is one of the key competitive advantages and its achievement is a reflection of the excellence and accomplishment of our people.The CoF belongs to the commitment to providing equal employment amenities and furthering an atmosphere that welcomes, magnetizes and maintains a variedrange of workforce, and to recognizing human being equitably with dignity, respect and humanity.

Regardless of nationality, age,race, sex, ethnicity, family status, marital status, religious beliefs, political views,physical challenges, pregnancy or forthcoming pregnancy, breast feeding, personal affiliations, or cultural background, it offers the uniform set up for all the employees. It always welcomes the variety of approaches and ideas from the workforce in case of excelling the service of the firm.

No Child Labour
Demotrans recognizes that progressive labour policies are good business practices, especially for a company like us that has global ambition. We do not allow any female employees during night shift operations & we strictly prohibit any form of forced labour. We actively pursue the policy of No child labour in Demotrans.Our HR policies have been continuously up-to-dated.

Demotrans appreciates the ethical conduct and performs constantly with its values and beliefs. It is dedicated to the highest degree of honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability. Just dealing intrading, complying with the law, consolidating bondage with the stakeholders and above all,positioning on ethical strengths are the foci of the organization.

Principles of Compliance
Demotrans, being an integrated transport and logistics firm,it aims at providing our customers with the highest feasible level of services,having no compromises for the safety of our employees or of the public.

It further targets,at being the pioneer in our subject markets through implementing entirely incorporated management system that comprises of every legal and statutory requirements; and in the pursuit of running development, at having an extraordinary repute and eminent position in case of legal compliance.

Health and Quarantine
Demotrans hoists the flag of hygienic authenticity.This flag will be containing the bright colours of operational safety and quarantine issues encircled with occupational health; adopting the risk management initiatives, it shall be gripping hazard free atmosphere. It shall provide the trainings and instructions, shall manage to disseminate the information and essential resources to support OHS in the various areas of rendering service.

Environmental Principles
Demotrans shall be complying with the environmental laws and regulations. It has every reason to believe that environmental issues come before operations. A clear understanding on the risks to vital environmental agenda is the earnest endeavour of the firm. It shall develop a culture of sustainable environmental management by developing the awareness and involvement, implementing systems for environmental management, setting objectives and associated measurement systems to enable continuous improvement processes.

Energy Objective
Demotrans undertake all the activities that consume or tend to consume energy within the comprehensive management of energy. It acts to reduce the usage and costs of energy. It,keenly considering the use of alternate energy spring as it becomes economically viable, commits to establishing unit-specific energy management strategies.

Confidentiality Management
Demotrans provides the customers with an array of integrated logistic supports. It interacts with the clients and other stakeholders according to the respective business conducts.In addition to ancillary activities, protecting personal information provided to it is important.

Personal Information Collection
Demotrans, as an incorporated provider of logistics, in its capacity collects private and sometimes, confidential information about its employees, clients, suppliers, sub-contractors and other stakeholders, in order to conduct its business with efficiency and effectiveness. This collection shall help the firm in its worldwide networking for rendering services.

Professional Ethics
It believes on the quality and reliability of its services, based upon which it can develop long run affairs with our stakeholders and as a result, achieves its objective of sustainable growth and maintainable security.

Transparent Business Ethics
Transparency & business ethics is the core value of Demotrans and it is strictly followed at every step of the business processes. Every business in Demotrans is modeled in a way that enables the management to ensure highest degree of both financial and behavioral accountability. Demotrans pursues Zero Tolerance policy against all kinds of corruption.

Lunch Facility
Healthy food prepared and served fully at company’s cost at the same time ensuring highest standard of hygiene factor.

Transportation Facility
Pick-up and drop services by company’s transport which cost bear 50/50 between company and employee, the service is more comfortable, safe and timely.

Loan facility
Any permanent employees can take loan to purchase necessary home appliances at nominal interest rate and this fund is operated and managed by a committee of workers’ representatives.