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October 9, 2019

Core Values and Vision

Demotrans visions to sustain as one of the leading logistics providers of the land, belonging to the nuclear values together with its key strategic competitive advantages. These are people, bondage,safety, choice, brand, innovation, integration, infrastructure and environment.

In Demotrans, people are a critical ingredient to our success.

Demotrans endeavours for building everlasting bondages with all the customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Safety comes first in Demotrans. Occupational health and safety adding with risk management initiatives are some of the prime concerns of the firm.

Demotrns has a fine access to a broad network of road, air, sea and rail means best tailored to the needs of the customers.

For integrity, honesty, reliability, innovation, trust and for ‘coming through’ for customers, Demotrans is the ultimate solution.

Our efforts for innovation are expected to pave the way for grand prospect in this service sector.

It can structure integrated solutions and logistic supports that maximize the efficiency level across all elements of the supply chain.