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July 28, 2019

Dangerous Cargo

This portion presents the privilege of possessing the express, perfect and standard shipping tune-up and also provides the safe, pragmatic and substantiated movement of dangerous cargoes. The elements to comply with are as follows.

  • MARPOL 73/78 Appendix I for the specification of oil;
  • The IGC Code for gas;
  • The IBC Code & MARPOL 73/78 Appendix II for hazardous liquids or fluids, chemical; complexions accompanied with waste specified in;
  • The IMDG Code for marine pollutants and wastes;
  • The BC code Appendix B for dangerous bulk solid materials;
Services Include
  • DGSA Consultancy
  • Packing and Documentation of Dangerous Goods
  • HSE and Safety Data Sheet Advice
  • Air Express – Recommended in all instances. For a fast, standard and seamless transportation service this never disappoints. We can deliver on any basis required, door to door, door to port or port to door.
  • Ocean Express – Accordance with the IMDG regulations service is available on ocean express.
  • Road Express – Through utilizing credible and secure road networks, able to load consignments and distribute within a reasonable time frame and reasonable price.
  • Pharma Express – quick delivery service tailored for biological, temperature controlled, time sensitive and cryogenic consignments. The standard service encompasses a door to door solution unless otherwise specified.
  • EQ Express – Cost effective solution for small samples that need to be delivered within a strict time frame.
  • Isotope Express – Designed specifically around the fragile nature of transporting class 7 radioactive materials. This can include consignments of recyclable waste, isotopes for laboratory use in diagnosis or articles and substances used for X-ray purposes.
  • Secure Express – Service for high value consignments and materials of an explosive nature. This gives added security, through strategic planning and caution.
    Always update to customers about the progress of the shipments, without being in the embarrassing situation of them having to notify us of a specific problem first.