July 28, 2019

Facilities and Amenities

Demotrans is earnest in rendering services throughout the world and extends the business to international arena offering some facilities and benefits that are considered by the firm as its assets. These assets primarily include warehousing and insurance. It secondarily offers computerized inventory management and data communication;electronic data interchange (EDI) and web access. Its tertiary proffer comprises of cross docking, pallet racking, bar code scanning, repacking or re-labeling, consolidation, just-in-time (JIT) and ready pick n’pack, quality control platform (QCP), immaculate container load plan (CLP) and zero escorting charge.

Demotrans arrange to provide the customers with the expected level of effective warehousing facilities which entail a capacity of 56,000 square feet for dry storage. Public, licensed private and off-dock bonded warehouses have an access for four truck doors.Off-dock bonded warehousing capacity limits to 75,000 square feet accordingly in various locations. This warehousing necessarily covers 24 hour monitored fire and burglary security, external armed vigilance, internal patrol, close circuit television (CCTV) and other necessary modern equipment.

Customs clearance
Incomplete or wrong customs documentation can cause considerable delays in transportation, reducing supply chain and delivery reliability. To make faster and smooth value added service Demotrans started to provide customs clearance service for their customers. This section includes the declaration services to customs authority for export and import. It also provides extended services for rebate, refund, duty drawback and credit.

Demotrans has received the full-proof insurance policies from its inception. We currently have the businesses with several top insurance companies in Bangladesh and paying premium at a very high rate, we cover the fire policy, burglary policy, natural contingency policy and the road accident policy.

The others are those structured and dedicated amenities that a customer must enjoy and realize.