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July 28, 2019

Freight Forwarding

Ocean Forwarding
This portion offers a complete scope of global ocean freight and transportation services for the goods of the customers. We process and issue the documents for the Bills of Lading via booking process from the ocean carrier. This part includes the documentation and submission the IGMs (Import General Manifests)for the customers.
Air Forwarding
It provides the fastest possible transporting services via air deliveryof the goods. AWBs(Airway Bills)are issued against all the prevailing national and international airways. It includes the prompt instances of receipt and feedback.
Multimodal Services
It provides the clients with multi-transportation using all the simple, complex and compound combinations of the mode of transportation like Sea, Air, Railway and Highway (e.g. Sea-Air, Sea-Railway, Sea-Highway, Air-Railway, Air-Highway,Railway-Highway, Sea-Air-Railway, Sea-Air-Highway, Air-Railway-Highway and Sea-Airway-Railway-Highway).

This is the most efficient and cost-effective in respect of both time and money.
Customs Clearance
This section includes the declaration services to customs authority for export and import. It also provides extended services for rebate, refund, duty drawback and credit.
Pick and Delivery
It comprises of, due to the customer’s convenience, door-to-door services and speed services for the hot deliveries.
This part offers the opportunity of saving costs by consolidating several vendors. Apart from that, cross dock and order management accompanies transport management. It ensures the safe, rapid and economical transporting of household goods.
GOH Service
Also known as hangtainer, it stands for the desiccated containers of namely three types (e.g. String, Strap and Bar System) that is converted or outfitted for safe and convenient transportation of garments on hangers. It is usually built maintaining three particular formats (i.e. one tier, two tiers and three tiers) and in terms of length or volume, the twenty-foot-containers with 11 (eleven) bars and forty feet by forty feet high cube with 22 (twenty two) bars. It is specially designed and equipped with silica gel, for eliminating moisture, and made of synthetic, cotton or nylon cords.
Pallets Service
It is initiated with the advent of containerization and standardization in intermodal shipping container industry along with the additional standards in pallet manufacturing. Quality packing of goods is ensured through standardized pallets as well as choosing the correct size can save you time and money. The following types, this service offers.

(#) Wooden Pallets, (#) Plastic Pallets, (#) Galvanized Steel Pallets, (#) Other Metal Pallets.
Moving Service
It extends the power and quality of its global logistics network to the personal household relocation service.