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July 29, 2019

Furniture Industry

Being one of the fastest growing sectors of Bangladesh, the furniture industry could well be the next economy booster. Due to the lower labour cost Bangladesh’s household furniture production is around 10% cheaper than the Chinese one whereas China is the largest furniture exporting country.

There is a huge demand for Bangladeshi soft furniture in the international markets like the USA or Europe. Also exporting to the Canada, Middle East, Japan, India and other Southeast Asian countries, like Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The main reason behind the export growth is that Bangladesh has low-cost labour, which lowers their costs of production so Bangladesh can offer high-quality products at competitive prices.”

Moreover, there is increasing demand for hand-carved wooden furniture in the United States, Middle East, Japan and European countries. They prefer furniture designs that follow Victorian styles, hand-carved and heavy furniture, which is the dominant production style of carpenters in Bangladesh.

Our Service and Capabilities
Logistics for the furniture industry and new furniture sector means long delivery times and high stock levels for many manufacturers and retailers.

Worldwide we understand complex supply chains for manufacturers, purchasing associations, retailers, and suppliers – from production and procurement markets to point of sale. In distribution, we deliver to the furniture trade for our customer and through our network of distributors, we also bring the goods directly to end customers. The assembly service is also a part our furniture logistics.