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October 9, 2019

History & Growth

In line with the dream of our Chairperson, Demotrans started as worldwide logistics service provider to make hope for cancer survivors. Since its inception, Demotrans has been endeavoring to become one of the leading specialist logistics and supply chain companies in Bangladesh. By the course of time and with the flow of business operations it has proved its existence domineering over the competitive firms by and large through advancing in high quality client portfolio across a wider range of industrial sectors both in domestic and international arena.

The Chairperson started our company with a one-room-office with a single counter. Afterwards, simultaneously the earnestness of the authority and the stakeholders facilitated to receive the broader scopes and offers of large-volume-contracts and thus expedited to gain the greater level of appreciation as a globalized company providing services in multifaceted aspects of relocation, transportation,warehousing and logistics.

Now Demotrans is one of the leading freight forwarding companies in Bangladesh, having the Corporate Head Office in Dhaka, Operation Offices both in Chittagong and Khulna, the seaport cities of the terrain as well as establishing separate Air Operation Office in Dhaka International Airport with hundreds of employees along with thousands of stakeholders and millions of expected well-wishers who are the subject to CSR of this firm.

With experiencing the events in favour of ours, we dared to take the challenge of providing the services regarding clearance in customs. It is a matter of pride that, we took the optimized decisions of carrying this section of business out,with the fullest compliance of the laws, rules, regulations and policies of the country, exceptionally unlike the other firms providing this particular service, for the greater interest of the country and the people. Our optimized decision has proved its righteousness and decency.

We took our motto of being patriotic; but now we believe in philanthropism. The human sufferings distress us and we feel to do at our best. With this tempo, we started working in collaboration with some transnational and multinational operators and serving the customers over the world. We areventuring, at every moment, to excel our services and to increase our operations through the world. In course of this attempting, we have launched our first Exterior Operation Office in Edinburgh, Scotland in March 11, 2013, named as Demo Home Limited.

We have a very strong and positive decision to establish another Operational Office at Cox’s bazar, based on the projected Deep Sea Port in the Bay of Bengal to expedite the international standard of freight forwarding. Apart from that, we have already undertaken the program of starting the attached office of handing the business of internal transportation services. The chronicle of Demotrans is fully an exception in a country like Bangladesh. As Bangladeshes are always unpredictable and indomitable, so we bear these two characteristics in flourishing our business. Thus, having the national spirit in us will surely lead the firm to reach our goal having the mission forwarded and the vision exposed.