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July 28, 2019


Demotrans handles every shipment with the highest care and attention. Part of our service is the availability of skilled advice on dangers and risks during the time of transit and storage. It is a primary obligation under every international sale of goods contracts that either the seller or the buyer will have to arrange sufficient insurance for the goods in accordance with the agreed shipment terms.

Demotrans has received the full-proof insurance policies from its inception. We currently have the businesses with several top insurance companies in Bangladesh and paying premium at a very high rate, we cover the fire policy, burglary policy, natural contingency policy and the road accident policy.

The others are those structured and dedicated amenities that a customer must enjoy and realize.

Insurance Include
Storm, flood and other weather hazards or natural contingency;
Washing overboard in heavy sea;
General average claims for sea freight;
Services Include
All kind of commodities containerized and in bulk;
All modes of transport;
Combined transports;
FCL and LCL shipments;
Worldwide coverage;
Annual or project policies;
Storage coverage;
All risk coverage for physical loss or damage;
One stop shopping for your freight and insurance requirements;
Low premium costs compared to the value of goods in transit.



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