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July 29, 2019

Jute Industry

“Golden fiber of Bangladesh” jute is the second biggest export earner of Bangladesh. Since the use of natural fiber increased worldwide against the backdrop of environmental hazards, the Bangladesh’s export of jute and jute products have witnessed a significant rise during the last couple of years.

Bangladesh is exporting its jute products to India, China, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Uzbekistan, and America and many European and African countries.

Comprehensive logistics and transportation services from the core of our business – from procurement logistics right through to delivery.  Our international expertises are ready to help you.

  • Bale raw jute, Jute fiber, Jute bags handled by experience stuff;
  • Pick up and drop service;
  • Quality control inspections;
  • Check for customs clearance;
  • Cross docking;
  • Delivery in recurring and narrow time frames;
  • Tracking & Tracing;