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July 28, 2019


Our well-known mutual partnerships facilitate groupage and distribution, transport within Bangladesh as well as internationally. Our services cover every corner of Bangladesh and our locations has join forces professional partners with some of the best carriers nationwide, negotiated the best possible rates and developed tools to allow shippers to easily manage the shipping process.

For shipments that will not fill an entire truck, less than truckload (LTL) offers supreme convenience and cost savings for domestic shipping. This is a cost-efficient alternative to individually packaged shipments with maximum flexibility and reliability.

FTL(Full Truck Load) represents the fastest door-to-door service with the shortest transit, both for standard services as well as special transports, like heavy or oversized goods.

Security Planning
  • Our Security Planning includes procedures for each shipment covering:
  • Our Security Planning includes procedures for each shipment covering:
  • Shipment Disruptions;
  • Shipping Delays;
  • Unexpected Events;
Secure Shipping
  • Satellite (GPS) tracking of trucks;
  • Direct communication with drivers;
  • Security bolt seals;
Managed Service
  • Later pick ups;
  • Each shipment personally monitored;
  • In-transit updates;
  • Notification of potential delays;
  • Nationwide shipment rescue options;
  • Consignee notification;
  • Scheduled delivery;
  • Tracking and tracing;
Services include:
  • Responsive Personalized Service from Professional, Experienced Staff;
  • Reliable, Efficient, Cost Competitive Transportation Services;
  • On-time deliveries;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Competitive insurance rates;
  • Hazardous cargo transportation;
  • Dry, refrigerated fresh or frozen safe and on time service;
  • Industry-specific transport such as textile logistics, retail logistics and press logistics;
  • Multi-modal transportation such as road, rail and barge;
  • Packing/Repacking;
  • Labeling and palletizing;
  • Warehousing, Cross-Docking, Pick and Pack, Kitting and Distribution Services;
  • Consolidation and De-Consolidation Services;
  • Door To Door Service;
  • Reduced Damage and Loss Claims;
  • Nationwide network of carriers;