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July 29, 2019

Perishable Industry

Delicate cargoes like fresh and frozen goods must be carefully shipped and constantly monitored and require seamless temperature control along the whole supply chain. Our perishable professionals ensure that your cargo travels in seamless temperature control from the point of origin to the final destination, in close coordination with leading perishables container carriers and service providers.

Whether it’s live, chilled or frozen, our perishable professional will give you greater flexibility, certainty and creativity for your perishable freight.

  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff ready to advise you;
  • Experts will work with you to provide tailor-made logistics solutions to meet your specific requirements;
  • Guidance on packing for peak freshness and quality;
  • 24 hour, 7 day Service Available;
  • Reefer Cooling In Transit Points;
  • Multimodal Perishable Handing;
  • Insurance Cover;
  • Extended Detention & Plug In Free Times; 
  • Perishable Documentation;
  • Perishable Customs Brokerage;

Basic rules of handling the perishable goods:
Perishable cargo may only be accepted for transport if it is possible to reach the final destination in good condition.

Transport should be legal according to the law in the port of origin, destination and transshipment ports.

Package should be properly packed and the package is accompanied by all requested documents.Each package containing perishable goods should be labeled with “PERISHABLE” labels and “This way up” labels if necessary, or with other labels. The packing should protect against folding, keep appropriate temperature, and separate the package from other packages.

The shipper should be informed about the latest delivery time to the airport before the take off and all reservations must be made and confirmed.

The shipper should provide written instructions regarding maximum acceptable duration of transportation and any special handling required and instructions should be put on the air waybill as well as on the packages.

It is forbidden to consolidate PER goods on AWB together with other goods.  Perishable goods should be sent on separate AWB. In the shipment documents (AWB and CM) it should be marked, what kind of perishable goods is in the package.

The shipper is obliged to put additional information regarding storage conditions, delivery to the receiver, Health certificates and other permissions in “handling information” and all permission should be attached to the AWB. Also every shipment containing flowers, plants, fresh fruit or vegetables must be accompanied by a sanitary certificate issued by authorities of the country of export.