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July 29, 2019

Plastic & Rubber Industry

The demand for Bangladesh plastic goods is increasing in different countries, especially in the USA and European countries, due mainly to restriction on Chinese products.

The plastic products that are now on export list include shopping bags, butcher bags, PVC pipe, polyethylene-sheets, ball- pens, toothbrush, toys, hanger, hand- gloves, artificial flowers, table-covers, computer accessories, wastebaskets and wall-clocks.

Major destinations of Bangladesh plastic products are Poland, China, India, Belgium, France, Germany, Canada, Spain, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Italy, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Malaysia, Hong Kong and USA.

Recently, the product has gained a wide popularity across the world for its durability, hygienic quality and reasonable price.

Also the global shortage and price-hike of rubber were forcing international traders to treat Bangladesh as an alternative source. Overseas customers are showing keen interest over Bangladeshi raw and processed rubber for its quality and lower price.

Our services:
Our end-to-end supply chain and transport solutions include the management of all activities from raw material sourcing, through to production, shipping, and delivery of the final product to the customer.

Services Include:
  • Airfreight (including sea-air services);
  • Ocean freight (incl. FCL, LCL and bulk load);
  • Landside services (incl. cargo insurance, customs clearance, inland transportation and international trade documentation);