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July 29, 2019

Retail Industry

Retail Industry: Changes and Challenges

Globalization, shorter product lifespan and fragile economy, provide additional logistical challenges for the retail industry. Furthermore, the industry is characterized by increasingly demanding and informed customers. Speed and efficiency are critical in retail. The retail industry is challenged to right products at the right place in right time with right shape and in the right cost.

Improved inventory management, faster product to shelf, control and responsiveness, more efficient operations and better supply chain management and visibility are all the benefits of DemotransRetail Logistics services.  As logistics experts our service offering end-to-end supply chain solutions make getting merchandise from the manufacturer to the distributor floor easier and more convenient at less cost.

Distribution Services: Consolidation, deconsolidation, warehouse management, flow-though order fulfillment, business process outsourcing and DC bypass to help you cut costs and get your retail merchandise on shelves faster for responding to changing market conditions.

Technology: Advanced technologies gives more visibility through-out the supply chain to get more control over inventory and inventory shipments while in route to the distributor. Our systems are built around flexibility, and are designed to meet the unique requirements of each of our customers.

Vendor management: These proposals force our experience with major retailers and mass merchandisers for improved scorecard performance. They include purchase order and SKU-level management, document verification, order confirmation and vendor education.

Sourcing:  Supervise the logistics for retailers sourcing directly in a foreign country, including lower cost locations such as inland Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and India. Offer the end-to-end logistics for direct sourcing.

Inventory management – Using the latest technology, we can provide inventory counts throughout delivery.

Origin services: Keen follows up with vendors to ensure quick and effective turnover, from the manufacturer’s door to the port. Our services feature shipment planning, execution and a range of value-added offerings that include samples, light assembly, kitting, repackaging and conversion activities, display shippers, specialized product identification and more.

Transportation services: Offers customized transportation management solutions as well as individual flexible transport services  helps you reduce operating costs while improving access to capacity, modes, trade lanes and service times on transportation to your destinations on time – every time.

Special Projects: Any special project of service to deliver confidence that shipments will move as planned. Offering new product launches, special orders, rework projects, unusual-size shipments and shipments requiring kitting, inserts, labeling and other value-added services.

Freight Management: Weprovide retail clients performance and decision making tools. We have also a dedicated account management team of experienced logistics professionals.

Services include:
  • Boxed, bagged or on hangers can process garments to your specifications, quickly and accurately, for better outcomes upon delivery.
  • Quality control inspections can hold and handle minor repairs on site, avoiding disruptions to product flow.
  • Pick and pack orders, and convert hanging garments into folded and bagged units ready for shipping.
  • Manage compliance based on specific customer requirements.
  • Domestic transportation;
  • Assess documentation, including letters of credit (LC), licenses OPRs, regulatory paperwork;
  • Check pre-boarding manifests and loading;
  • Conduct security checks;
  • Confirm post-shipment status;
  • Check for customs clearance;
  • Confirm the shipment’s arrival at port and its unloading schedule; Verify final delivery;