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October 9, 2019


In pursuit of our vision, corporate strategies focus on breeding the superior returns for its stake holders calculated in terms of growth in revenue, returns on capital engaged.

For that, Demotrans has already developed some strategic initiatives and has undertaken various programs. The following ones speak out for the appropriateness of our planned view points.

  • Foundation of a holistic service-rendering capacity;
  • Extension of the international standard of supply chain management;
  • Strive for functional excellence;
  • Drive for generation of efficiency;
  • Supply of proficient workforce;
  • Delivery of superior service;
  • Preservation of expertise;
  • Proliferation of organizational growth initiatives;
  • Sustenance of growth momentum;
  • Maintenance of the occupational safety compliance;
  • Development of innovative technology solutions;
  • Improvement of team working spirit;
  • Primacy of CSR and gender issue;
  • Supremacy of eco-friendliness;
  • Incorporation of ICT and electronics;
  • Accommodation of international culture;
  • Marketing through all communications;
  • Branding with the standard of service;
  • Integrity for trustworthiness;
  • Sincerity for professionalism;

At the end of the day, relationship with the people champions in our business.