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July 28, 2019

Supply Chain Logistics

Demotrans belongs to a mammoth concern of supply chain. Pioneering the forwarding of the freights, it has already been capacitated to provide the customers with fully global landmark of SCM.

We have stood on core competencies in all of the performances namely freight, customs clearance and contract logistics and have been outfitted with cutting edge technology. We commit to the Real time updatation of the loops of the chain. We care for the junctions, transits and shifts in the total mechanism. We resist the contingencies with our well-prepared and properly regulated operational processes.

Demotrans relies closely on electronic data communication in its functioning. We not only offer highly specialized inventory management and warehousing operations and other value adds like purchase order management (POM),

We design, plan, execute the services catalogued for niche segments termed as integrated logistics services (ILS). Therefore, we deal with the customers following the same methods, documentation and process. We know how to adapt international processes to suit local situations better.

Demotranshas the experts with specialization in automotive logistics, aero spares, medical and environmental logistics and other particular segments. You can rely on it for furnishing the complete and successful reach of your product.